We have been working in industrial environments for many years to achieve improvements in productivity. We know that data dispersion and 2D planning are not the solution in a world where every cent counts.

Our vision

Industry 4.0 is, yes or yes, the way forward for companies in developed countries do not lose the train of competitiveness. In NORLEAN we want, with our experience and technology, to help companies in their digital transformation.

What do we believe?

We firmly believe that technology and digitalization can, in addition to improving productivity, increase customer and employee satisfaction and improve the quality of service.

Companies can not lose the train of the future, or they will be doomed to be mere suppliers of cheap labor.


3D simulation technology allows companies to perform as many tests as they want in different scenarios, with real data. Plan the growth, try different modifications and layouts, subject the production lines to different tests and situations ... Everything is possible in a simple and intuitive way.

Digital neurons

Support for decisions is probably the best way to move forward in the short term towards Industry 4.0.

Facilitating decision making to increase productivity, and therefore competitiveness, is key for any company that pursues sustainability in the long term.

We understand artificial intelligence not as a replacement for the human being but as a way to amplify its intelligence as well.

We make team

The simulation is not a "turnkey" process. Each company is unique, and each project is also unique. We integrate with your company's team to design and implement solutions 100% adapted to your needs.

We are solvent

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in improving all the processes of the production chain. Together we accumulate more than 70 years of experience in the service of improving productivity.

We generate results

3D simulation provides tangible improvements of 20% in productivity. It is not about theoretical approaches, but about something that all large companies already have in place.