3D Simulation can improve productivity up to 20%


We created a virtual 3D replica of the production plant that allows a visual and intuitive management of the processes, facilitating the work of the technicians and making the technology accessible to the managers.

The opinion of the experts is unanimous: the next productivity improvements will come hand in hand with the simulation and digitalization within the framework of company 4.0.

3D virtualization allows the development of models that manage real and scientific data on production scheduling, traffic and transportation, inventory control, manufacturing, staff training, finances, flows, etc.

How we work


Consultancy workshops for data collection, understanding of the business model and the problems of the initial situation.


Consultancy and programming meetings for the construction of the NOA model of 3D simulation specific to each circumstance.


Delivery of the software tool and training process of the staff that will use it for its definitive use by the company.


Consultancy and programming meetings to accompany the client with the evolution and growth of his company and business model.

Norlean adds value throug the chain

Norlean value chain

Norlean has been chosen by Business Factory Auto (BFA) as an innovative project that it supports and promotes.

Business Factory Auto is an initiative to support entrepreneurial companies in technological innovation for the automotive sector, in which they participate: Government of Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (Igape) and  Managing Company of Investment Entities of the Closed Type (Xesgalicia); Cluster Foundation of Automotive Companies of Galicia (CEAGA), PSA Group, the Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Vigo (CZFV) and Vigo Activo S.C.R. (Vigo Activo).

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Benefits for the client

The 3D simulation, as we conceived it in NORLEAN, allows our clients to obtain a simple view of the behavior of their production system, while at the same time they can evaluate different productive strategies to make the right decision at the right time.


Great visual capacity, combining 3D with different variables of the productive system.


Investing in 3D simulation is really economical compared to the savings capacity and the productive increase obtained.

Fast and easy

NOA is an agile and easy to use system by people without technical knowledge.


Technical experience at your service

We have created an innovative service based on our know-how of the operational needs of any industrial company.

We accumulate more than 70 years of experience among all team members in the key areas of a company: productive operations, finance, technology, marketing and sales.

With us you are in good hands

Warehouse industrial and logistics companies. Long shelves with a variety of boxes and containers. Motion blur effect.

Beyond the big companies

The simulation is no longer an exclusive property of large factories. Any production plant is adapting to the requirements of industry 4.0 to not lose competitiveness, with NOA, Norlean 'democratizes' the simulation and brings it within reach of all types of companies and sectors.