We are Norlean.

We are a technology company based on the analysis of data and processes to optimise your business.

A Spanish company created by technologists and managers in 2017, which has participated in the Business Factory Auto (BFA) accelerator in Vigo. Creating a tool to facilitate daily work and provide a solution to problems raised.

We are a company that has grown around a sector of excellence such as the Automotive sector in Vigo. Currently, we have developed different projects in highly demanding sectors, such as: Health, Industry, Food, among others, which have allowed us to advance in the development and maturation of our digital twin NOA offering intelligent and efficient solutions for the corporate objectives of each company.

Welcome to digital transformation!


we believe
in what we do.

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation is, yes or yes, the process to follow so that companies in developed countries do not miss the train of competitiveness. At NORLEAN we want, with our experience and technology, to help companies on this path.

To give companies the ability to make decisions based on the analysis of different scenarios of their data and business processes, in a Cloud environment always looking for efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

  • Professionalism.
  • Flexibility.
  • Commitment to the client.
  • Constant innovation.
  • Social and environmental responsibility.

To provide integral solutions to our clients so that their decision making has the widest possible scope with a presence in strategic sectors in the most important markets in the world. To respond to our clients with technological tools that are constantly innovating.

// Team & Support

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the development and implementation of technological projects in medium and large companies.

We collaborate with universities, companies and technology centres of great international and national prestige.

Daniel Prieto, PhD

Co - Founder & CEO

Tomás Perez

Co - Founder

Héctor Arias

head of simulation

Angelo Eca

Data Scientist

Cristina Pardo

Process Engineer

Javier Fernández

Simulation Engineer

Cristobal Bergas

3D Design Engineer

Cristina Fernandez

Project Engineer

Alejandro González

Simulation Engineer

Juan Armengol, PhD

Industrial process

Carlos Tejedor


Sergio Miranda


Maite Gomez

Business development

Cristina Gil

Business development

Guillermo Thomás de Carranza

administrative manager