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Types of Digital Twins

According to the Gartner consultancy there are several types of digital twins:

Digital Twin of Organisations (DTO:

Is a dynamic software model that draws on operational and/or other data to understand how an organisation manages its business model, how it connects to its current state, responds to change, deploys resources and delivers exceptional customer value.

Composite digital twin:

These are typically designed to monitor and optimise the use of a related combination of discrete digital twins and different resources. For example, such as cars or industrial turbines, and more complete industrial or manufacturing processes.

Discrete digital twin:

Typically used to monitor and optimise the use of resources, such as people, individual products, pieces of equipment and simple process tasks.

There are many types of software in the digital twin environment, depending on the type of analysis they can perform, as well as the sector in which they can be applied, whether they analyse or only support the calculation …

At Norlean, we have focused on the generation of Digital Twins of Organisations (DTO), due to the scope and high power of our NOA digital twin, capable of integrating different areas of an organisation, increasing its efficiency, competitiveness and productivity.