What is a Digital Twin Organisation (DTO)?

A Digital Twin Organisation (DTO) is a virtual representation of a real physical product, service or process. With applications in:

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“A digital twin of organisation (DTO) allows us to simulate different scenarios, with the aim of improving decision-making based on a correct interrelation of processes and data from the different areas of a company”.”

 “A digital twin of organisations (DTO) is a virtual representation of a physical product or process that is used to understand and predict the performance characteristics of a physical process or product. Digital duplicates are used throughout the product lifecycle to simulate, predict and optimise the product and production system before investing in prototypes and physical assets”. SIEMENS definition.

A digital twin of organisation (DTO) is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. A digital twin implementation is an encapsulated object or software model that reflects a single physical object, process, organisation, person or other abstraction. Data from several digital twins can be aggregated to obtain a composite view of several real-world entities, such as a power plant or a city, and their related processes”. Gartner definition.


The Evolution
of Technology

  • 1970
    La NASA implements technology
    mission in Apollo 13
  • 1977
    Flight simulators with
    computer simulation
  • 1983 - 2001
    AutoCAD becomes a de facto tool in virtually all engineering and design
  • 2002
    Dr. Grieves
    Dr. Grieves' digital twin concept emerges
    McLaren F1 digital twin technology for predicting product development performance
  • 2011
    NASA & USAF documents
    on digital twins
  • 2015
    GE's digital wind farm initiative
  • 2017
    Norlean introduces NOA
    The Digital Twin of Organisations (DTO) generation platform
    Gartner lists digital twins in top 10 technology trends
  • 2018
    Digital twins in the product portfolios of leading industrial and software companies