Our best guarantee
are our customers

Jorge Gómara
Head of Business Factory Auto
"NOA has allowed us to gain brutal productivity by simulating many options, making hot decisions, updating, etc."
Manuel Fernández
Continuous improvement specialist at Megatech Industries
"It is a tool that has allowed us to design our logistics train, to be able to make changes that arise in the day to day in a very fast and comfortable way. It also allows us to make the changes we need to make on the line with zero investment".
Jorge Gómara
Head of Business Factory Auto
"An easy, simple, intuitive, very visual tool that can be used by any chain of command in the company".
Pablo Fidalgo
ASIME Project Manager
"NOA makes it possible to monitor production processes, to enhance their value, but above all, to provide information to middle management and executive staff so that they can make decisions in real time".
Jordi Bernades
Plant Manager Schneider Electric
"We will achieve full visibility of the process, optimising work orders and material coordination, from engineering to the shipping process, reducing our delivery time and cost (+7/10% productivity), predicting bottlenecks, we will anticipate any problem to react faster."
Monica Cascallar
Innovation Director of CONGALSA
"The interesting thing about the twin is not only to see how beautiful a machine is going to look in the plant or how well it is going to work or what production numbers you are going to have, but also how profitable the solution you are proposing is"